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We are a team of Strategists and Implementers enabling SMEs to operate efficiently and innovate creatively. We do this by designing and integrating customised programmes to fill in systems and talent gaps using our multidisciplinary capability.

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Sales increasing & cashflow is strong.
The Flame

Sales slowing down, profitability is declining.
The Blaze

You have done it!
The Combustion

Subtle hiccups caused by complacency.
The Inferno

Survival of the fittest.

"Solution focused approach in designing the plan for intervention, delivered resourcefully. With BMIM we know that our business problems will be either managed, minimized or fully eliminated, ensuring we achieve the end goal"
– Akiba Nkofi, Managing Director of Caricom Products Ltd.

"I have worked with BMIM for over 2 years and I want to continue the relationship we have, as I find the team at BMIM talented, knowledgeable, with a wide range of skills, giving me the ‘go to” place for all my business challenges"
– Mark Dalgety, CEO of Dalgety Corporation.

"We used BMIM Ltd to improve our credit control procedures and training. I’m glad to say it was one of the best decisions we made! With BMIM Ltd our debtors' days reduced from an average of 90 days to 42 days per month."
- V Tolosa, Managing Director of Firetecnics Systems Ltd.

Interesting post Bibi - I like the idea of asking the right questions and translating them into KPI’s; a practical solution that could work for any business!
- Accountants Birmingham
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Thank you for your tips. I really think that organisation and planning are the best tips to increase productivity.
- Romina Giordano, Marketing Executive.
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Thanks for these amazing tools of advice. Anyone reading this will feel more confident and a lot less nervous when asking for a loan from the dreaded banker!
- Naomi
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Great article, thanks for sharing - I like the focus on value and quantity discounts vs 'bundling'
- Alice Davidchack, Managing Director at Business Engine Room.
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Thanks for the food for thought
- Leonore Lord, Vital Regeneration.
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Being an entrepreneur at this day and age is a challenge not everyone can conquer. Tips like these are very helpful to have. I especially like tip #3 because I personally believe that there is no growth if there is no innovation.
- Adam Harris, Swift Media Creatives.
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Having the ability to influence others and inspire them to become better is a skill that every leader should have. Wonderful article to read, I was able to learn loads about the proper leadership skills needed to be able to make a difference in someone’s life.
- Adam Harris, Swift Media Creatives.
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Very nice article, we re-tweeted the link.
- Sat Sindhar
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Great read – thank you.
- Elaine Catherine Mahon
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This is a fantastic article [CIPD] and spot on in how an organisation can create a more resilient workforce.
- Tianne Croshaw, founder of The Resilience Programme.
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"Bibi has an informative, relaxed and friendly presentation style that demystifies cash flow management for any business owner."
- Clayton M Coke, PRMS Ltd.

"Lively presentation and very authentic! My experience was excellent, interesting inputs and discussion."
- Mitra Amirami, Greenwich University.

"Enthusiastic presentation – well organised - handled audience contributions well! My experience was positive and my curiosity increased, I wanted to learn more. I will definitely be more systematic at doing due diligence on business clients."
- Clement Gadsby, Rivet Ltd.

"I enjoyed Bibi`s enthusiastic transfer of knowledge. The presentation was well prepared, well structured and presented with passion. Bibi made the topic more accessible."
- Zsusza Sipos, Re-balance.

"Bibi’s practical, live and interactive way of management training is source for not only get focused but use it for performance result."
– Mark Dalgety, CEO of Dalgety Corporation.

"I have worked with BMIM for over 2 years and I want to continue the relationship we have, as I find the team at BMIM talented, knowledgeable, with a wide range of skills, giving me the ‘go to” place for all my business challenges"
- Manish Sheth, Sunglass Optics Ltd.

"Bibi’s workshop on re-inventing yourself for growth gave me lots to think about. As a solopreneur about to take on an assistant, she made me realise that I need to think way past the job description I’m composing. I need to think past what I need right now and consider how my assistant will be able to grow with my business."
- Anne Barrett, Anne Barrett Business Support.

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